How excited I am to be able to share all the remarkable things I learn every day from people that I come in contact with.

Mary Beth

Easy Living Tips & Tricks

Tips for everyday living are some fun things to pass around. Some may never be used but the trivial knowledge might come in handy when you least suspect.

This page will contain tips that my readers have sent, that I have known or that have come through research material.

Enjoy and be sure and check back often as this will be added to frequently.

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 Mary Beth

General Tips

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Cooking Tips

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General Tips

Baby powder in kitty litter for a fresh smell.

For hairballs, a little petroleum jelly on the nose. They will lick it off and it will make it easier to cough up a hairball.

Peanut butter to take ink stains off doll faces. Peanut butter will also remove labels from glass.

Wine stains can be removed by pouring Salt on the stain the salt will soak up the stain.

Coca Cola poured on grease stains on driveway and left overnight will wash off in the AM.

To preserve a newspaper clipping for years, soak it in 1 cup of Milk of Magnesium--Soak for 20 Minutes and let dry.

Grandkids or young children coming over? Take plain yogurt and add colored Kool-aid to make finger paint. If they eat it, it won't hurt them.

To unclog a drain, use 3 or 4 alka-seltzers followed by a cup of vinegar-wait a few minutes and pour hot water down the drain.

Listerine to clean dirty grout.

Fabric softener sheet in your pocket when outside will help keep the pests away. Mosquitoes really hate it.

Fabric softener sheets between your book pages will keep the musty smell away from your books.

Fabric softener in your closets, dresser drawers, laundry baskets and for a quick smell good for company, in between sofa cushions and chair cushions.

Tack cloth added to a mop handle bottom will pick up dog hairs and dust. A dust mop and a tack mop should be a household staple for quick jobs. Tact cloth can be purchased at a hardware store or paint store.

To clean rust from tools, soak in undiluted white vinegar overnight.

Keep plastic wrap in the fridge so that it is easier to unroll a sheet.

Batteries can be kept in the freezer for a longer life.

Aluminum foil wrapped around celery will make it last longer.

Plain tomato juice, catsup, hot buttermilk, hot vinegar or equal parts of salt and vinegar all make effective cleansers for unlacquered brass and copper. Dip a cut lemon into the mixture and scrub with the lemon.

Kitty litter for cleaning driveways of oil stains and in the kitchen for spilled oil takes just brushing off after sitting on stain for awhile.

 Stuff a balled up piece of newspaper into plastic container and let sit overnight to absorb odor.

 Put small laundry mesh bag in dishwasher for small items.

 Lemonade Kool-Aid in detergent cup of dishwasher for lime deposits and iron stains. Run dishwasher through cycle.  Lemonade is the only 1 that works.

Dishwashing liquid and ball of aluminum foil for cleaning baked on food off glass dishes.

Use Turtle Wax to polish sinks, tile, shower tiles-leaves protective barriers.

Use ¼ to ½ cup of lemon juice in wash water instead of bleach to whiten and brighten clothes.

Vanilla extract on a soaked cloth or cotton pad wiped in the freezer will absorb that freezer smell.

Put citrus peels down garbage disposal to keep it fresh smelling.

Spray inside of candle votives to keep wax from sticking.

Rubbing shelled walnuts or nuts into areas of hardwood floors will repair some scratches and scuffs.

Put dryer sheets between book pages to keep them from smelling musty.

Linda gave me a tip for picking up glass. She uses a slice of bread for those small pieces left after sweeping.

To clean Silver, place aluminum foil in bottom of a pan, cover with salt, add Arm and Hammer baking soda and enough scalding hot water to cover silver. Place silver in, wait and it looks like you worked for hours.

Can't open a jar lid? Put boiling hot water in a bowl, turn jar upside down in the bowl and easy open. Even running hot water over it will pop the seal. I haven't found a jar yet that won't open after doing this.

For a big dog, set their water and food bowl up off the floor. Their muscles in the neck hurt having to hold their head down so far. (how do I know?-my dog told me!)

For mold, mix bleach and water and spray. Bleach will help stop the growth. Know that black mold is a killer and should be taken care of at once.

Make sure all filters in air conditioners are changed frequently to have clean air. Vinegar and water sprayed in the duct vents and on the filters give a clean smell. A scented fabric softener sheet

placed in a vent is also pleasant.

Pillows fluffed in the dryer with fabric softener is a pleasant nights sleep.

Don't forget if grilling, to throw leftover coals in your rose garden. Great to recharge the soil.

Two slices of bread in a cookie jar will keep the cookies fresh.

A placemat over your computer keys will protect them from dust and dirt when not in use.

Carry a plastic bag in your purse or car and if it rains, you can put your wet umbrella in the bag, throw it over your arm and continue on your way.

If you love Iced coffee or Iced tea, put your leftover coffee or tea in an ice cube tray and you don't have to worry about regular ice cubes watering your drink down.

Apples give off Ethylene gas and will give carrots a bitter taste if stored in the same crisper.

For overripe tomatoes, dip in cold water, add salt and leave overnight. The tomato will be firm and fresh the next morning.

If someone in your family doesn't like onions, use cabbage instead in the recipe for the same quality taste.

For outdoor pest spray, put 2 drops of Oil of Peppermint or Lavender with 2 teaspoons of Almond or sweet oil and dab on skin.

**Sweet oil is just processed olive oil.

4 Drops of Lavender Essential oil to 32 ounces of water in a spray bottle and wipe outside tables and chairs to get rid of pests at picnics.

Wipe the bottom of your feet with an alcohol wipe to cool your whole body off.

Lemon juice and salt for cleaning wooden cutting boards; Cover with wax paper before using as much as possible. They can stain quickly and bacteria can build up fast so clean after EVERY use.

To keep plastic containers from staining, spray with oil before using.

Build up on shower doors can be helped by wiping the doors with lemon oil.

Run your sponges though your dishwasher every few days and replace every few weeks. Bacteria are easily built up because of not drying thoroughly between uses.

Use alcohol on baby formula stains then stain remover. Great tip.

Use alcohol to clean ceramic tile. Just pour straight on floor and swish around with mop. Make sure room is ventilated.

Keep a cheap bottle of shampoo by the washing machine for stains on collars and clothes. Use shampoo before washing for great results.

To clean spills in oven, sprinkle immediately with salt. When oven cools, brush off with damp sponge or cloth.

Apple sauce can be used in place of cooking oil in recipes.

Gluten Free Tips

Wheat-free does not mean Gluten-free. Gluten is in wheat, rye, and barley. (Malt)

A product can be wheat-free but still contain malt or other forms of Gluten. Gluten –free is defined as wheat-free.

Kamut and Spelt are wheat and should be avoided.

Don’t forget Xantham gum. It’s an important ingredient in baking.

The time to cook Gluten-free can sometimes be labor intensive so double the recipe and freeze half.

Save all leftover Gluten-free bread, stale and unused, for meatloaf, stuffing, and casserole toppings.

Put plastic wrap over dough when rolling out to keep the dough from splitting.

Make your dry mixes for baking ahead of time and label with ingredients and date.

To ensure thorough baking 375 Degrees for baking with any breads containing yeast.

Too much water makes pie crusts tough. Less water is better.

Always cover Gluten free baked goods as they dry out quickly.

Once you take the bread out of the oven, let rest 5 minutes, and then turn it upside down in its pan for 5 minutes. This will make the top and sides of your bread softer. It will also help the bread stay fluffier. If you leave it in the pan, the condensed steam from the bread will make your sides of the bread wet and cause the sides to fall.

Cooking Tips

Spray your grill vents with oil spray before using so nothing sticks. If using wooden skewers, don't forget to soak them in water first.

When cooking eggplant, place raw slices or cubes in water with a tablespoon of milk added. They will retain the white color instead of turning black.

Put mint or a cherry in ice cube trays with water to freeze for decorative drink treats.

For fun cupcakes, take 24 square bottom ice cream cones. Place half of them into a 9 x 15 high side baking pan.

Fill them 2/3 full with cupcake mix and bake 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Remove, place the other half in pan and bake. When cool, ice and enjoy.

When transporting cakes or cupcakes, stick dry spaghetti in sides and top and then cover with wrap.

Pour Coca Cola over a precooked ham to make a beautiful glaze.

Use a egg slice for slicing cheese, radishes, tomatoes, mushrooms, strawberries, kiwi or anything that you need sliced and that will fit.

Use a Bundt cake pan to roast a chicken. Put the cavity of the chicken over the center hole and place vegetables around. Set the pan on a cookie sheet for dripping.

Place Orange peels in brown sugar to keep it loose. You can also use marshmallow.

Sprinkle salt on a spilled egg and let it sit for 1 or 2 minutes and it will wipe right up.

Viewer Tips

Barbie’s Tips.

Peroxide and baking soda to remove blood stains on light colored clothing. Pour or swab on peroxide, sprinkle some baking soda, rub, rinse then wash

Peroxide to remove underarm sweat stains. Pour on, let sit at least 5 minutes, then wash.

To remove water/alcohol rings from wood: plain toothpaste (not gel) and baking soda on a damp cloth or "000" steel wool. Rub marks lightly about 30 seconds, and wipe with a clean cloth.

To take the "squeakiness" out of wooden chairs/tables, place the chair in the shower (not directly under water) with hot running water for 5 minutes with curtain/doors closed. Let sit for 30 minutes after water is turned off. Dry the chair thoroughly. The steam will swell the wood joints and stop the squeak without harming the wood.
This is only for real wood items - not particle board, veneer or plywood.

If you are painting and need to continue the next day, don't wash the roll or the paint brush. Wrap in plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer. When you take it out, let sit about 10 minutes and you're good to go. This works for staining brushes also.

To easily cover small scratches on wood, use shoe polish or a matched colored crayon.

To make a zipper glide easily, rub a crayon over both sides of the zipper. The wax in the crayon is a great, long lasting lubricant.

Dandruff shampoo removes soap scum

Dryer sheets also removes animal hair from clothing, car seats and furniture.