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Mary Beth

Hydrate to health

February 5, 2011 

I have actually made the first week of February sticking to my rules of a healthy month!  Walking the dog has become a fun time for both the dog and myself. 

She wishes I could walk without talking to her but what a great listener she is.  By the time we get back home, we are so relaxed and she is totally ready for a peaceful nap.

As for me, stretching to unwind, a brief cool down period while having a glass of water to hydrate seems to be the perfect ending.  Water is the one thing I never liked to drink but as  wisdom  becomes a new found state of mind, I realize the many benefits of keeping our bodies lubricated on the inside and outside. 

 Our lack of hydration can lead to leg cramps, dry skin, and just a run down feeling.  Electrolytes are found in many bottled waters and for the ones with no sugar problem, good old Gator-Aid still can be the beverage of choice.  The box of electrolytes at the Health food store is perfect for daily imbibing.