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Mary Beth

Yard sale and cleaning up

February 25, 2011

Last Saturday and Sunday, my 2 neighbors and I had a 3 house yard sale. We had such a great turnout. If you have things in your house you never use, this is a great way to earn extra income. We donated a portion of what we made to a friend that rescues unwanted animals and finds them homes.

My Daffodils and Gladiolas should be popping up anytime.  I am so thrilled that my Zinnias have started peeking through the soil. This weather has been so beautiful that outside living has been my mainstay this week.

I have been doing all kind of research on preparing soil for vegetable growing. As I learn, I will share. One good rule is to have your soil analyzed to make sure the acidity level is right so as not to burn the plants. This is  something that you can have done free.


February is a great month to start pruning, especially Crepe Myrtle trees and even Azaleas. I hope to hear from you about any gardening knowledge you can share so we can all benefit.

This is a wonderful time for walking so let's all get moving for good health. Remember though, to stop and smell the Roses