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Mary Beth

Barbie’s Roast Chicken

For extremely moist, roasted chicken, after washing and seasoning the chicken, fill the cavity with a small cut-up fresh lemon and 1/2 of a cut-up onion. When the chicken cooks, the steam from the lemon and onion keeps the chicken juicy without adding too much flavor. For a little more flavor in the meat, add a few peeled garlic cloves, or sprigs of rosemary and/or thyme.

If you like lemon chicken, only add 3/4 of the lemon to the cavity and squeeze the lemon juice from the last 1/4 over the chicken before seasoning.

Roast at 350 breast side up, approx. 22 minutes per lb. Tent with tin foil after first 30 minutes, and remove foil during final 30 minutes. Check for doneness.

I chop up the onions from the cavity after the chicken is cooked and add to the drippings for phenomenal gravy. I only discard the lemons :)