How excited I am to be able to share all the remarkable things I learn every day from people that I come in contact with.

Mary Beth


6-8 short ribs

Olive oil-small amt.

Medium onion chopped

4 garlic cloves-smashed

Mushrooms-fresh-dried or can to taste

2-3 cups beef broth

Balsamic vinegar-splash

Coat ribs with favorite spices (Cavender). Using hot skillet with olive oil, brown all sides of ribs. Remove ribs to deep oven crock or pan.

Drain excess oil & sauté onions, add garlic, sauté a minute or two, and add mushrooms. 2 cans & stir for a minute. Add vinegar & beef broth, stir & bring to almost boiling, pour the sauce over ribs, cover tightly & place in pre-heated 325 degree oven 2-21/2 hours until a knife slips easily thru meat.

Cook in the morning, put sauce in fridge & dip the hard fat off or if serving now, just skim off some of the fat.

Serve over rice or mashed potatoes.