How excited I am to be able to share all the remarkable things I learn every day from people that I come in contact with.

Mary Beth


As I go through my day, I find so many amusing things happen to keep me eager about what tomorrow will bring. From new flowers popping up in my Garden to tomatoes jumping out of cute little flowers on my plants.

My dog constantly in the picture being nosier than any neighbor could ever be. What a great adventure it has been with this wonderful creature.

Always loving, respectful, never leaving in anger, and just being a joy to be around. If I knew what I know now, I would have had a dog a lot sooner.

Many silly things that I hope you will find amusing will be part of Sharing my Day. I seem to be the “I Love Lucy” of this life. Thank you for joining me and thank you for being part of my life.

  Mary Beth

MARCH 2012

I cannot believe over a year has passed since I started this website. When I started sharing my day with you, I had retired and really spending almost all my time in the yard, on the internet and research. I have now gone back to work and my time has become more limited, but I now have learned how to edit my own site so I am not always having to have my son do it.

I have started my garden again and of course, to me, it is such a magnificent piece of artistry.  Of course, it is still in my small plot so to someone else, it may not look that artistic.

Everyone cautioned me about starting to plant too early but of course, I didn't listen. I am so happy we only had one frost so only lost a few leaves off of a few plants. Some of my co-workers also have planted gardens so I'm going to see if we can start an exchange CO-OP.   My cousin Ed always has a beautiful garden but is limited on his sunlight so I am planting Yellow squash to exchange for some wonderful peppers he gave us.

I will be updating my little news tidbit every few weeks so I hope you will join in the adventures of someone who just thinks walking across a yard is packed with adventure. It really does bring a smile to my face to see areas that I helped to make better.

July 2011

Strolling around the yard today, I was reflecting as to the changes since leaving my job in February. Live, thriving plants about to rest for the season greet me walking down the little path that was created by moving some plants around.

New additions to the yard give it a more festive view from the road. My son made two planters and they have been great conversation pieces when my friends are over. One planter looks as it will fall any moment but that is the way it is designed. The other is wood and holds the potted plants that I try to keep year around.

I plucked the dead tops off the Zinnias and put them in my seed pouch for next year. The first Zinnias that started dying off, I pulled the dead flower off, opened it up and spread the seeds around. Lo and behold, with all this rain that July brought, they came back up and now are over 8 inches tall and ready to bloom again. I admit feeling a little proud that I had the insight to do that. Zinnias are such a special plant to me that all year long they would be welcomed in the garden.

Marigolds are another flower that you can cut the dead flower off, open it up, spread around and they will grow back. I also harvest them for next year. The thrill of next year coming with all these flowers popping up that I’m sure I will forget planting some of them makes me smile with excitement.

July was a hard month in the yard with all the rain but next month will probably be so dry that I’d wish it would rain.

I love my yard and to me, it is beautiful because I know the love and labor that has gone into making it what it is. Others may not share my enthusiasm and that’s sad for them. I know the secrets out here and no flowers have whispered to them.

June 3, 2003

Flying Airplanes

Most of my readers are aware of my helping my son out with cleaning windows or wherever I can help him with his company. I lamented my tale of woe of cleaning windows on my blog. I now have a new adventure with him but this time it was staining wood floors and shellacking them.

How simple it looked. Just apply the stain, let it dry, sand it, and reapply. When the floor thoroughly dried was where I got to come in.

The floors were now ready to shellac. My son put a handle with a sheep’s wool attached at the bottom. He had applied the first coat of shellac by a paintbrush and when it dried, he sanded it.

He said, “Mother, pretend this handle is an airplane and you have to land the sheep’s wool. Bring the wool gently to the floor as landing, then real fast in a straight line down to the other end of the room then bring the wool up as if the plane is taking off again. Go to the next row, gently overlap, and land the airplane, run down the runway, and take off again.”

I promise you, this was the exact conversation. He also included not letting it drip, take some of the shellac out of the wool, and move fast as it dries fast.

I dipped the wool into the shellac, rolled it onto the rim to lose some of the shellac, turned around to fly the airplane, stuck my foot into the shellac, spilled it over his newly sanded floor, moved quickly out of the way, got my sock wet with the shellac, got my footprints on the floor as I was making a very fast exit out the door.

April 21, 2011

They say that into everyone’s life, a little rain must fall. Well today was the day in my life and a lot of rain has fallen. The rain was very welcomed by my vegetable garden and to my flowers.

As in every good thing, something bad sometimes happens. The dog has decided that somewhere in life she lost her pecking order. The morning routine consists of a daily stroll past the gardens, down past the neighbors houses and then back home to a treat.

She thinks all the plants standing so tall are mocking her because she is stranded inside. I asked Mya (The Dog) to please stop standing at the door growling at the rain because that was not going to make it go away.  

 My son comes from work and thinks this is a good time to doctor the Dog’s ears as she can’t go outside and roll around. For the next thirty minutes, it looked like the Keystone cops had invaded our house. The dog was running one way, the son running the other and I’m trying to catch either one to get someone to stop running.

Exhausted, I sit down and lo and behold, here comes the dog sliding around the corner and lands perfectly under my straight chair. After assurance that the bad man with the medicine was going to help, Mya finally relented to the ear medicine or so I thought.

Within 10 seconds, she started flinging her head back and forth and medicine landed on every wall in the room.  Now I’m chasing the dog.

Sister's Week

April 15, 2011

In celebration of sister's week, I hope you will indulge my blog at my blog spot. My one sister who is known for being extremely thrifty, loves to shop at Save-A-Lot. She was there today and picked up two potted tulip plants. I was thrilled to receive them because as I said in one of my earlier blogs, tulips were my Mom's favorite.

I got the holes dug to plant, released the tulips from the two pots they were in and almost had a heart attack. Inside the two pots were over 10 tulip bulbs with babies attached. It was like winning the flower lottery!

The roots were tightly wound but a few snips and I was able to separate the bulbs. I planted them in different locations and what amazing color they added to the flower bed. Bright yellow, tall and about to open. My sister's thrifty shopping netted all those tulips for $3.99 a pot. Now if I could just convince the other sister to bargain hunt and buy me two more pots.

April 7, 2011

Today was another day of sunshine.I pinched some of the tops of my herbs because one of my readers showed me how the plant would be so much hardier. I took the leaves off the pinched stem, washed them and froze them.Excitement about my first crop!

I’m glad I staked the tomato plants because they have gotten so big. Another reader told me how to remove the suckers, (that extra little shoot off the blooming stem). What a great new  thing to learn even  after farming for awhile.

Laughing as I go about my day is becoming a fun thing to do.My neighbor put up a birdhouse and all the birds are landing on the fence of my garden. His birdhouse is so nice and all I have is a grill holder, for grilled fish, with some suet in it and hanging from a tree. Evidently my birds are not used to too high a standard of living.

Most of you said you viewed the You tube video, redneck yard tractor. My son and sister are still laughing. I am always watching now just in case a camera is nearby. Please know that I love my tractor that my son made but was not that excited about sharing it with the world. I now find it hilarious and it even makes me laugh.

Garden Update

Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your Garden Grow...Well, lets see!


Garden picture
After 3 Weeks
Garden after

The Fuscia Fascination

Fuscia Plant

I am madly in love with this plant.The picture does not do it justice.  I will be learning how to grow lots of these.